Global Connect Blogging Project

The Community Media Workshop in partnership with the Global Press Institute presents here the voices of female bloggers from our ethnic communities.

You will find their stories about their communities – stories that will link them with women blogging around the world.

They were members of an all-day training session that brought together women from different ethnic backgrounds.

From this group of bloggers, the 10 women were selected. As part of this effort, they are receiving training and a stipend.

So, please stay tuned in her to follow the blogs of
Sabina Ahmed, Ivonne Canellada, Anam El-Jabali
Izabela Gluszak, Saffiya Shillo, Kataryzna Olcon, Lola Dada-Olley,
Madhu Uppal, Joy Valdez and Tara Weinberg

To view the website that links them around the world, please go to Global Press Institute. Read the blogs here

This pioneering effort is supported by the McCormick Foundation.

I urge you share your thoughts and comments with us.

Steve Franklin, ethnic news media project director, the Community Media Workshop,



Lola Dada-Olley

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Olufunmilola Oluyemisi Dada-Olley, but I go by Lola Dada-Olley

Born in the US, both parents are from Nigeria and I am a black woman who is a mother, wife, daughter and sister. I am the child of immigrants. As a result of this, I am not afraid of a long, hard day’s work or wearing multiple hats. The birth of my son has shown me the very definition of hope personified. I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because I have a forum where I can write stories that reflect a multi-cultural perspective.

Sabina Ahmed

Country of Origin: Pakistan

My gender and ethnicity makes me a proud Pakistani American Woman who is interested in issues that affect women belonging to all communities.I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because I believe giving a voice to women empowers communities and can make change happen.

Katarzyna Olcon

Country of Origin: Poland

I am a first generation immigrant from Poland whose heart and mind are fully dedicated to social work in Chicago and around the world. I am also a passionate world traveler who during every trip gains more cultural humility and enrichment in personal and professional life. I work as a Spanish speaking clinician in a Latino neighborhood and volunteer as a mentor in a refugee women empowerment program. I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because I can share stories of incredible people that I have met in Chicago and amazing work that is being done in our communities.

Tara Mondesi Weinberg

Country of Origin: South Africa

African, historian, lefty (politically), magician, soccer player, reggae lover

and I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because I am able to join women from all over the world in telling stories about local, often ‘off the radar,’ communities and their nuances / eccentricities.

Madhu Uppal

Country of Origin: India

Mature woman who cares about social justice, environmental stewardship and civic responsibilities. I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because it allows me to become involved in issues that affect women everywhere and get to know about those who are leading the way for a better world through women empowerment.

Izabela Gluszak

Country of Origin: Poland

I am a little girl on a train waiting anxiously to depart. I am a curious bookworm scouting the libraries of my hometown. I am a woman who has always seen the injustice of the patriarchal world. I am an immigrant about to become an American, who will always be a Pole but somehow very often feels Latina at heart. I am proud to be a Global Connect blogger because it gives me a chance to write again. In my previous, Polish life I strove to be a journalist, a writer, a poet. It all crumbled down when I decided that Polish is no longer the language of my voice and English hasn’t yet become one. Now I have a new challenge in my life, to make sure that my blogging is worthy of Global Connect readers.

Guadalupe Ivonne Canellada-Cortes

Country of Origin: Mexico

Apatriatic Mexican, Ultraliberal, Progressive, Spiritual, Activist, Family lover, 14-year old boy in a 42 year old woman’s body, bicurious, crazy, strange, me. I know I can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing stories of ordinary, yet extraordinary everyday heroes that live and work tirelessly without us noticing but making a huge impact in our communities, and Global Press Institute is the best place I can make it happen!

Saffiya Shillo

Country of Origin: America

Chicagoan, Palestinian heritage, peace activist, former domestic violence/sexual assault advocate and cultural sensitivity trainer on Muslim/Arab issues. I am proud to be a Global Connect Blogger because I believe in GPI and share in their determination that journalism should promote and foster social awareness and change.


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