Our World Over There Is In A Crisis

In solemn tones, they pray for those back home
In the Ukraine
Praying here faraway in downtown Chicago
So, too, on other days they share their fears
About what’s happening
In Istanbul
In Cairo
In Manilla
In Bangkok
In San Juan
In Mexico City
In Caracas
In Lagos
In Mogadishu
In Ramallah
In Jerusalem
On and on from around the world and almost every day, coming from all of the places that sent and still send people to Chicago.
And that’s why Chicagoistheworld; a place where our heads are turned back to the places where we came from, turned to hear the good and the bad, turned to a link back to a culture, a language, a root
And that’s why these stories come alive in languages in print or the radio or online, because our heads are turned backwards.
And because there is someone here to tell those stories.
And here is a story about Chicago’s Ukrainian National ukraineMuseum, which explains this link that doesn’t vanish.


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