These Stories Change Workers’ Lives

You probably don’t see them because they hustle off to their jobs at dawn or earlier.

Jobs that pay no more than the minimum wage and often leave them exhausted beyond belief, or worse yet, injured.

These are warehouse workers and there are about 300,000 of them in the Chicago area.

They are mostly Latino and mostly immigrant. But black workers full a number of their ranks.

Until recently few heard about them and little was done on their behalf.

That changed with a slew of stories that took off after organizations like ProPublica  dug into the situation facing these workers. Tim Bell of the Chicago Workers Collaborative explains the impact of this reporting.

But he also points out that much more needs to told about conditions that he describes as dire.

Here’s one of the ProPublica stories…

And below is an interview I recently did with Tim Bell:

Tim is one of the folks who will be on hand for the Community Media Workshop’s forum on low wage workers on Tuesday, Feb. 11. We will have a number of groups like Tim’s talking about the unprecedented wave of campaigns on behalf of the poor and low-wage workers, campaigns that include raising the minimum wage in Chicago and Illinois.

We’ll meet at 6 pm on Feb. 11 at 618 S. Michigan Ave, Stage Two, Columbia College. Chicago.

Please join us and please pass along word about this effort to help tell the story of this wave of labor activism not since since the 1930s’.

And please join us so you can talk part in this important community discussion.

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Tim Bell

Tim Bell



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