Media Forum & Panel – Low Wages & Worker Benefits

fightfor15There’s a revolution taking place in Chicago.

It’s the surge of workers asking for better wages and conditions. It’s a movement of fast food workers, of retail and supermarket workers, of domestic workers, of day laborers, of warehouse workers, of waiters and kitchen staff and on and on.

Who are these workers? What do they want? Who is helping them?

Maybe you’ve covered their events, but wondered about the bigger picture.

Please join us on Tuesday, Feb. 11 for a workshop to hear from these workers and organizers and supporters. We will also be looking at what this means for the workers and their communities, where they work, and what it says about the Chicago workplace in 2014.

Besides a panel discussion led by Natalie Moore of WBEZ, about two dozen groups will be on hand to talk about their work and who they speak for.


We gather at 6 pm, Feb. 11 at Columbia College, Chicago


For more information:

Steve Franklin

Community Media Workshop,

Office 312 369 6400 – cell phone 773 595 8667


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