Rita J Visits Chicago Is The World

Rita Jackson, a true embodiment of Chicago Is the World’s aim to bring the Chicago voice to a global audience, recently visited the studio to talk to us about the new Rita J album Lost Time dropping this month. The Chicago native has enjoyed an emcee career that began with a collaboration with underground hip hop heroes All Natural, Inc., a decade’s worth of solo recordings and multi-national performances. The January 2013 release of her single “The Dough” signals the beginning of another worldwide tour. With a dedicated following in France that developed after a handful of visits through Europe, Rita J returns to the continent for an 8-week tour with French collective C2C that begins in Montpellier, France and continues through the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Rita J


The January 29 edition of Chicago Is the World was syndicated on French internet radio E p RaDiO ShoW in addition to Chicago Is the World’s radio headquarters at WHPK 88.5FM Chicago and whpk.org.

Music selections courtesy of guest dj Tim Burns.