Where Poverty Grows in Chicago

In mostly black West Garfield Park, more than four out of ten residents were living in poverty in 2011. That was a nearly 20 percent increase from the start of the decade.

In mostly Latino West Lawn, just about 17 percent of the population were living in poverty, a 128 percent increase over the decade.

Across Chicago, there were 28 black and Latino neighborhoods with more than one fourth of the neighbors stuck in poverty in 2011.

In Albany Park, nearly half the population were poor or near poor.

In Riverdale, eight out of ten residents were poor or near poor.

Altogether, just over one out of five Chicago residents found themselves in poverty in 2011, or about 560,000 people.

What these figures put together by the Social Impact Research Center tell us is that poverty lurks in many places across Chicago.

Contact the Social Impact Research Center at the Heartland Alliance for this info.


I think of stories that look at poverty and crime; that talk about the housing crisis and families that can’t afford to move on; that measure the support that comes in from government agencies and that weigh the support that Chicago provides to these struggling communities.

What else?

If you are telling these stories, please let me know. Let’s share them. If are thinking of telling these stories, this seems the right time to do so.

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