Hearing about the pain

After the family tells their story. After the funeral and more stories. After the blood is washed away, or the room of the victim is cleaned up, what about the family?

Does anyone turn to them to help them through the time ahead?

Often there’s no help, no counseling, no sharing of advice and support.

That’s the work that Citizens for Change has taken on itself. Begun by parents who have suffered the loss of children in Chicago’s surge of violence, they have created a network that offers support and directs parents to where they can find help that might ease their pain.

As a journalist, have you ever considered the story of the the families afterwards? Have you ever gone back to see what happens to them? Here’s a chance to learn about this situation and Citizens for Change.

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

They are one of the groups that will be taking part in our gathering from 10 to noon on Tuesday Jan. 29 at 618 S. Michigan. We will have over 30 experts, public officials, community groups and activists on hand to meet journalists to talk about their insights and to help offer new ways of telling the story of youth violence in Chicago. Please join us

Steve@chicagoistheworld.org, 312 369 6400

And  here too, is an announcement from Citizens for Change about an upcoming event:

Friends, family, colleagues and supporters – 

 We all love our children and we must stand together across all boundaries to fight for them.  We are not asking to take guns away, only that sensible laws be enacted to make them a little safer in their distribution and use.  
If there was ever a time to get involved, Now Is The Time!  CCC has joined forces with IL Council Against Handgun Violence and One Million Moms for Gun Control to co-sponsor a Rally in Chicago, scheduled for January 26, 2013 at 4:45-5:30 p.m. at Washington & Clark.
We need you to spread the word!  
Put this press release up at your churches, synagogue, schools, community centers, and local stores.  Further details about this event can be found at:


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