Clearing Out The Roots of Violence

Stall the gangs. Push them off the corners. Into jail. Into hiding. Out of crime’s way.

That’s one strategy we’ve read news reports about.

But what else are Chicago and Cook  County officials trying to do as violence does not ebb?

Juliana Stratton, executive director of the  Cook County Judicial Advisory Council, can talk about what the city and county are doing. Have you talked with you?

You can meet her and at least 30 other experts, public officials, members of community organizations, and community activists from 10 am to noon on Tuesday, Jan. 29th. Our meeting at 618 S. Michigan is a  speed-interviewing event. It’s a chance for journalists to expand their sources,and to broaden their familiarity with what folks think will make a difference.

What will make a difference in a city with over 2,200 shooting last year?

Join us.

here’s a release about the city-county efforts:, 312 369 6400

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz


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