Trauma, covering it and living it, a workshop

I’ve covered six conflicts. I’ve been splattered with others’ blood. And I’ve talked to people who have lost people they love only moments ago.

And I’ve never felt comfortable doing this, covering trauma.

This is the story that binds us and blinds us. The story of loss and endings. The story of trauma and, sometimes, violence.

It’s repeated day after day and yet, I wonder, how well do we tell this story?

And how do these stories of trauma mark us or change us?

Are we open to them?Listening to what we are told.  Or do we slide through these very difficult events

photo by Carlos Javier Ortiz

without informed hearts and with closed ears?

The Chicago Headline Club presents:

Journalists and Trauma- How to Cover it and How it Impacts You Tuesday, March 27th 6 p.m.

Loyola University, 820 N. Michigan Ave. (entrance on Pearson) Regents Hall, Lewis Towers 16th Floor

a panel discussion moderated by WGN’s Randi Belisomo

I hope you can join us,




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