The Soul of Yemen Blues: Interview with Ravid Kahalani

Ravid Kahalani, is a 30-year-old Israeli whose family came from Yemen and who grew up wanting to keep the traditional of the language and music of his family. And so, he sings here in Arabic. But his music is a wild mixture from everywhere. He mixes Yemeni rhythms with music from West and Central Africa along with blues and R &B from the U.S., and jazz as well. His group, which was formed in 2010, is an amalgam of Israelis from across the globe and the music reflects that. While practicing for their recent performance at Millenium Park, a group of musicians from Niger who were performing that night too, were caught up by the music played by Ravid’s group, Yemen Blues. It is music of the desert, one of them said. True.

From Chicago, the group went on to perform in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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