We Are The World: a doorway to tours and dining in global chicago


diverseWe are the world. Indeed.

So you don’t think so? Meander through neighborhoods where the signs tell you about a place far away

Or visit a high school where they speak 70 languages

Or spend an summer in a park where they cook out in every language and every cuisine and when they are not cooking, they playing the futball, as soccer is called everywhere but here.

Or take in an evening of storytellers talking about migration. There will be one in Pilsen on June 5th, a collaboration of the Chicago Cultural Alliance and Illinois Humanities Council. You will encounter:

“Home Again will be an evening of funny, poignant, and illuminating tales about migration, held in Chicago’s colorful, vibrant Pilsen neighborhood.

“Most of us experience some form of migration in our lifetime, whether we are moving into and out of neighborhoods, or crossing state lines and national borders. How has this movement impacted our concept of self, our relationsihps with others, and our idea of home? What is the collective result of moving across countries, continents, and identities?


Or take one of the weekend tours this summers to Chicago’s sprawl of ethnic and community museums.

The Chicago Cultural Alliance will sweep you Bronzeville and the Jane Addams House along with Chicago’s Greek, Ukrainian, Puerto Rican, Ethiopian, Cambodian, Chinese, Latvian, American Indian, Japanese, German, Swedish and Haitian communities.

If you like to eat as well as learn, then you can join a walking tour and a dining experience in Chicago’s Indian and Greek communities. The Indian event is is June 15 and August 24 and the Greek walking and eating encounter if July 13.

Here’s the link to the Chicago Cultural Alliance for more info:


If you take a tour and want to share your experience, write up and we’ll splash it across our website here. Tell you what. Send your video or audio. Whatever works for you is fine for us.

If you regularly write about Chicago’s diverse communities, and you add these events to your story-telling, please pass it along and will share your work.

And if you belong to  a community group that wants to remind us why we are city with lives transported from everywhere, please tell us why.

Chicago is, afterall, the world.

so, talk to me–digame

Steve Franklin, office 312 369 6400 – cellphone 773 595 8667


photo from the Chicago Cultural Alliance

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