Low Wage Workers Forum, Feb. 11

The surge of groups speaking today for low wage workers is unprecedented in Chicago.

What do they want? Who are they? What’s likely to happen?

Join us tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 11, to hear from these workers, the groups that represent them, and the community organizations and others that are standing behind them.

Besides the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage in Chicago for workers at large corporations, there are several other drives underway that could have an impact on thousands.

We meet at 6 pm at 618 S. Michigan Ave., Stage Two, Columbia College. Join us.

Here are some of the groups that will be on hand;

Fight for 15, organizes fast food and retail workers in a campaign for a $15 an hour wage for workers at large corporations. Deivid Rojas, deivid@fightfor15.org, 312 219 0008, http://fightfor15.org/en/ http://luchapor15.org/es/

Aileen Kelleher, Action Now, 312-351-0395, a grassroots community organization and a member of the effort to boost minimum wages for fast food workers,akelleher@actionnow.org         http://www.actionnow.org/

Heartland Alliance Social Impact Research Center, conducts applied research for nonprofits, foundations, advocacy groups, governments, coalitions, and the news media, research@heartlandalliance.org, 312.870.4949, Amy Rynell, director; Amy Terpstra, associate director, http://www.heartlandalliance.org/research/

Nathan Ryan, Grassroots Collaborative, 312 427 2537, unites 11 membership-based organizations in Illinois in order to create policy changes on local and statewide levels. nathan@thegrassrootscollaborative.org



Jorge Mujica, strategic campaigns organizer, Arise Chicago, 773.844.9910, Arise Chicago, Organizes car washers, immigrant workers and unionizes workers, and helps form coalitions between workers and faith groups, director, Adam Cader –adam@arisechicago.org Jorge@arisechicago.org, http://arisechicago.org/

Mark Meinster, Warehouse Workers for Justice, mark.meinster@ueunion.org, Leah Fried, 773 530 3072, leahfried@gmail.com, serves warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois, an independent workers center founded by the United Electrical Workers (UE) 1-888-DIGNIDAD, http://www.warehouseworker.org/

Demian Kogan, Albany Park Neighborhood Council, 773-910-1654,  a grassroots community organization that unites youth and adults from Albany Park and surrounding communities to address issues of social, economic and racial justice.

demian@apncorganizing.org http://apncorganizing.org/

Patrick Brosnan, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, 773-704-0384, based in a “working class neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest side. BPNC’s mission is to create a safer community, improve the learning environment at public schools, preserve affordable housing, provide a voice for youth, protect immigrants’ rights, promote gender equality, and end all forms of violence”

patrickbrosnan@hotmail.com http://bpncchicago.com/


Susan Hurley, Jobs With Justice, 773-412-2386, a national organizations that works to support and defend workers’ rights, susanh@jwj.org http://www.jwj.org/

Byron Hobbs, SOUL, 773-320-3218, byron@soulinchicago.org

http://www.soulinchicago.org/ SOUL is a social justice organization on the South Side and South Suburbs that has been involved in a number of campaigns.

Eric Rodriquez, Latino Union of Chicago, works with Street Corner Day laborers and Domestic Workers and is a base for the Chicago Coalition of Household workers and Albany Park Workers Center, erodriguez@latinounion.org 312-491-9044, http://www.latinounion.org/

Tim Bell, Chicago Workers Collaborative, organizes workers from the Staffing Agencies through out Chicago and Suburbs, Executive Director, Leone Bicchieri, 773 655 0815, lbicchieri@chicagoworkerscollaborative.org, lead Organizer, Tim Bell – 773 230 0351  –  tbell@chicagoworkerscollaborative.org


Raymundo Valdez, leader organizer, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, Organizes workers from various sectors, specifically factories, grocery stores in Southeast Chicago, as far south as 105th and beyond rvaldez@ctu-iwp.org, 773-297-3370


Veronica Avila, ROC-Chicago: Restaurant Opportunity Center, organizes restaurant workers locally and nationally, 312-339-5556

veronica@rocunited.org http://rocunited.org/chicago/

Center for Racial Justice, organizes unemployed, low wage and formerly incarcerated black workers in various sectors to remove employment barriers, director: DeAngelo Bester, 312 361 1161, ext. 201, deangelo@center4racialjustice.org


Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights, organizes street vendors and factory workers with a focus on Latino immigrant workers, Martin Unzueta, director, 773 653 3664 – irtaroma@hotmail.com, http://www.english-ccwr.com/index.html

Melissa Josephs, Director of Equal Opportunity Policy, Women Employed, 312 782 5249, works to expand workplace rights and fairness, to promote workplace policies that tackle discrimination and inequality and to advance workers’ education, http://womenemployed.org/

James Muhammad, Services Employees International Union Health Care Illinois and Indiana, SEIU HCII, organizes hospital workers, home health care workers, nursing home workers, and early childcare workers in Illinois, Indian, Missouri and Kansas,

james.muhammad@seiuhcil.org, 773-908-1825, http://www.seiuhcilin.org/


Melissa Callahan, Cabbies for Justice, 312 869 2611, organizes Chicago taxi cab drivers to protect and advance their workplace rights and benefits, melissacci@yahoo.com http://www.cabbiesforjustice.com/Contact_Information.html


StandupChicago, http://standupchicago.org/


Chicago Raise the Min Wage Rally


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