Immigration’s New Frontier?

After years of shouting and fury, we finally have a doorway for new immigration laws in Washington.

But will they make a difference?

Will they work? Will they pass?

from NBCChicago

Those are the questions asked by many in Chicago’s vast immigrant community.

And that’s a major reason why we are holding a workshop for the ethnic and mainstream media from 10 am to noon on Tuesday, May 7th.

The meeting is at Room 101, 33 East Congress (Congress and Wabash) Columbia College, Chicago.

Yet that’s not all we’ll be talking about.

If you want to learn about the latest developments dealing with immigration in Washington and Springfield, and about everyday issues that concern immigrants, businesses and communities, you’ll learn about them at our workshop.

If you want to learn about the best sources and best community organizations and contacts to fill out your reporting, you’ll get that from our workshop.

If you are looking for voices to bring your reporting alive, we’ll help you get them. If you let us know in advance, we’ll help you look for folks who can talk in the some of the languages of Chicago’s immigrants.

Thanks to our partner for this event, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR),  we will have experts on hand from a number of organizations that represent Chicago’s truly diverse immigrant community.

They will provide you with background information and guidance on how to do reporting that today carries more significance than any time I can recall.

So, too, Adolfo Hernandez, head of the city of Chicago’s Office of New Americans, will be one of those who will explain why immigrants today matter to Chicago.

If you want more information about our meeting on May 7th, talk to me., office 312 369 6400, cell 773 595 8667.

Likewise for up-to-date info on groups and issues, contact Monica Trevino at at ICIRR at cell (773) 573-8667 or


Questions? Suggestions? Talk to me.


And here’s a link to stories about the Congressional proposal




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