Let’s Get Some Respect for the Ethnic News Media

Everyone likes to be appreciated and it’s time for the ethnic news media to hear some applause.


The Lisagors annual awards celebrate the best in local reporting and there are categories that you need to consider.


The deadline is Feb. 8


For non-English news outlets, there are categories in reporting in print and television and online. A non-English news outlet has won at least one award for the last few years, so let’s keep it up.


For the newspapers, bloggers, and radio that serve our black audiences, here’s a chance for recognition among our Chicago journalism colleagues.


The deadline is coming up, so please take advantage of this chance to show our best. If you have any questions, or want some advice about what to pitch, talk to me. Steve Franklin, steve@chicagoistheworld. Call me on my cellphone, 773 595 8667, office, 312 369 6400.



Foreign Reporting Grants for Minority Journalists

Here, also is a link to an application for a chance for minority journalists to go overseas on a foreign reporting grant. If you want to do this kind of reporting, this is a fabulous opportunity. Again, I’ll glad help anyone put together their proposal. The deadline is Feb. 8 so move fast.





Written by on January 31, 2013



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