Don’t waste your time voting

That’s it. If you don’t care what happens to you and your community, don’t vote, and don’t do anything to get anyone else to vote. Things won’t change. You can bet on it.

But if you, like Frances in the prior blogpost, do care and folks expect you to do so, then you better stand up to that responsibility.

The folks at EXTRA have shown that they care. They produced this short video. And the message is clear: Latinos need to do better about getting to the polls.

Take a look at the video:

What have you done? If your election coverage is something you want to boast about, please share it with us.

Here’s something easy. Remind folks about early voting. You can copy from this release from the Chicago Board of Elections.

The Chicago Election Board announced that more than 1 million voter households will

begin receiving important “Voter Guide” mailings that list a nearby Early Voting site, the

location of the Nov. 6 precinct polling place with the new ward and precinct designations.

“With so few undecided voters, all signs point to strong Early Voting turnout, which

makes this mailing especially important for the hundreds of thousands we expect to use that

option,” said Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon D. Neal. “Just as important, this

mailing will present to voters their new ward and precinct designations and whether their polling

place has changed.”

The mailings began Tuesday and will continue through Oct. 22.

Neal said that the mailing covers important information, including:

(1) Information on the Polling Place for Election Day for the Precinct

where the household is located.

(2) Early Voting information. Chicago voters may use any of the city’s

51 Early Voting sites. The mailing includes the site in the ward of

that household and its hours. Because of the ward boundary shifts,

11 new sites will be in use for Early Voting.

(3) How on Election Day, voters will use two paper ballots. One will

include the proposed Amendment to the Illinois Constitution

related to pension funding. The second will list the candidates.

The distinctive red-white-and-blue mail pieces carry the Postal Service’s “Official

Election Mail” logo. Information also is available at or by calling

(312) 269-7900.

New this year, Chicago voters may text their simplified addresses (examples: 1000 W

Washington … or … 1234 W 56 St ) to 312-361-8846. The Election Board system then will

reply with a text of the Nov. 6 polling place for that address.


So, talk to me. – 312 369 6400

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