Legs for journalism’s future – your help is needed

These are tough days for journalists and especially the ethnic news media.
It’s hard to consider a career in the news media when you don’t know much about. And its even harder to get your foot in the door with an unpaid internship when you need to earn money.
That’s I’m running in this Sunday, Sept. 9th, in a 5K and half-marathon. Along with a team of runners from the Chicago Headline Club, we are hoping to raise money so journalism students without the means can take unpaid internships and Chicago school students can meet working journalists to see how news shapes their world.
I know of too many youngsters in Chicago who might have a brighter future in journalism if only they could get some journalism experience, and too many whose voices would change the world if only they had the chance to speak up.
I know also of many news outlets that serve the black, Latino and immigrant communities and who desperately need youth voices,but they can’t afford to do so. And without those voices, their reach is greatly diminished.
So if you care about our profession’s future, click on this link below which explains what we’re doing and why and how you can help. By Sunday, too.

steve franklin – steve@chicagoistheworld.org


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