Stephen Franklin reports from Turkey & Syria

At a cafe in Istanbul working on a story, again.

The Workshop’s ethnic media guru Stephen Franklin has returned home from weeks of reporting from the Turkey / Syria border.

“You see one story and ten more come around,” said our friend, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee. Having accidentally overproduced, Steve’s poignant stories can be found across the web. Below are links to the stories Steve wrote and was featured in while abroad.

Turkey: The Crisis at Home – A series of stories centered around Turkish published through the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Topics range from the border crisis to women’s rights to gay youth and more. READ ON.

Tide of Syrian refugees swells – At least 110,000 Syrians have so far fled to camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. The Global Post picks up Steve’s observations from Syrian refugee camps. READ MORE.

Letter from the Syrian Border – Interviews with refugees and on-the-ground reporting from the growing Syrian refugee camps in Turkey picked up by In These Times. READ MORE.

Reporting on the dangers in and around Syria – WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift recognized that only a handful of foreign journalists are allowed access into Syria. They Skype with Steve about the situation in the country and his journalism work there. LISTEN TO THE STORY.

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