El dia de nuestras madres في اليوم من أمهاتنا The Day of Our Mothers

Sun’s up, blue skies.

Running out to pick up flowers on Mother’s Day and what else?

But then I’m snagged by Frances’ essay that I start and can’t s stop (read the prior post from her here)


It’s about being a mother on mother’s day and the day’s meaning for a mother.

And that takes me in my head to a column this week by a young Columbia College student about her single-parent mother.

It ran this week in Hoy and it also stopped me. What a gift, I thought, to have such voices and voices that connect with your community. And what glue there is when you realize that this page is alive in a way that the best of journalism comes alive.

We need to see this life day after day.

Here’s the essay from HOY:



Let me know if you’ve produced anything on this day or any day that you think makes the same glue apply.




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