El pueblo unido jamás será vencido – Or Why the Latino News Media is Winning Its Battle

The main stream news media may be debating the arrival of its last days, but that’s not what’s happening for the nation’s Latino media.

It’s growing in some cases, holding its own in others, and catching up where it is behind.

Let me explain. While mainstream newspapers have been disappearing faster than daytime vombies, the number of Spanish language newspapers were stable last year, according to an extensive report by the Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism.

Like mainstream papers, Latino print outlets lost readers, but the decline wasn’t as steep.

When it comes to TV, Univision is the fast moving giant, growing while other slip and expanding its reach with better websites and a 24-hour Spanish language station.

As the report notes, this shouldn’t be happening. As the Latino population has doubled and, like other immigrant groups, they should find a place for themselves, and shed their language and thus the Latino news media is supposed to shrink. Not so.


My theory is that the Latino news media will continue to flourish as long as it remains the voice of the people, as long as it fights for issues that Latinos care about, as long as it treasures the culture, and language and, amid hostile moves, as long as it becomes a trusted defender in difficult times. It succeeds because the mainstream media largely also hasn’t learned how to reach this massive community.

It succeeds when it cooperates and that’s one of our goals: bringing together the Latino media but also the Latino and black and ethnic news media. Indeed, we’re holding a breakfast this coming Tuesday for the Latino print media (Sept 6th) on 26th street and if you want join us, send me a note, or gimme a call. hablar conmigo

here’s the research:


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