Another list of the dead and injured and what do we say?

Five men dead in weekend violence, the paper said. 17 others injured. One was a 12 year 0ld girl shot in leg while standing outside her house on the West Side. Another weekend.

One of the men , Anthony Fearn, 18, was walking across the street early Saturday. Someone shouted a gang slogan. Someone pulled a gun. Someone  – Fearn – died. Read the obituary in the Sun-Times.

Read the Chicago Defender editorial, written by Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund. It  is about not making children in need sacrifice while “asking for no sacrifice from powerful billionaires and corporations.”

Read the story by colleague Curtis Black on the dismay of youth anti-violence groups that face funding cutbacks.

Read Alejandro Escalona’s wonderful piece in Spanish about how Chicago is the key to Mexican drug gangs’ work in the U.S. It appeared in a new digital newspaper in Mexican. Because of the gangs, Latino youth crime is a more impossible evil to bury.

What more can we say?

We can talk about the forces that feed these volcanoes of mayhem. We can consider the solutions. More police? Curfews? More job-training? More of what?

More about what matters and what makes our stories important, personal and real.

We’ll talk about the way to do this at our

by Carlos Javier Ortiz

at the  National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. If you want to join us for a three-hour workshop, starting at 9 am. Please let me know, Steve Franklin –  Steve@chicagoistheworld.og, 312 369 7782.

Until next weekend’s toll and the day after lists.











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