The women of the world are talking to you

Hear a WBEZ interview with the founder of GPI

From the Cameroons, Chi Yvonne Leina writes:

Ngwa Amos is now a widow after his wife died in labor on a recent morning at Bamenda General Hospital in northwestern Cameroon.“We arrived [at] the hospital at 4 a.m. yesterday morning, and my wife got into the labor room,” he says. “Since then I have not set eyes on her. However, I could hear her voice as she groaned about three hours ago.”

From Kosovo, Mersina Xhemajli writes about language and poverty and the barriers they create to appreciating literature.
From Nepal, Nima Kafle writes about women who’ve been dragged by poverty back into prostitution.
And from Kashmir, Afsana Bhat tells about hospitals so poorly supported that there are not enough drugs, or beds or treatment equipment.
These women across the world are telling the most important stories of their countries in a very unique website. Their stories are about social change, human rights, freedom, the challenges for their children: stories from the hearts and minds of women facing their futures.
Global Press  Institute trains and hires these and other women to become reporters in 23 countries across the world that are struggling with poverty and the burdens of under-development.
For the ethnic news media, GPI’s online stories are a source for you to link to, a source to help you raise the discussion in your publication, and way to bring your audience closer to these voices calling out from far away. If you want more information about how to link to them, please contact me. This is a resource that can help expand the voice of your website.
And for those of who care about these women in all these places, this is a group to stand behind.
GPI is a young organization that needs support and that’s why it is holding a fund-raiser on Tuesday June 7th, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Pops for Champagne, 601 N. State, Chicago. It’s 20 bucks if you RSVP before May 31 and 30 bucks a the door.

To rsvp online,
I’ll be there, for sure. The Community Media Workshop and the Chicago Headline Club support this event. I hope you will too.
Here’s their link. Read their stories:
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