How will population change the politicial map? A May 25th training

Chicago’s population losses have been significant, especially in the black community. Latinos’ population sprawl has continued to spriral, and so has the concentration in communities in Chicago and the suburbs.

Asians have grown in numbers in Chicago as well. But will their gains net them the political count they want?

Population-driven political change is coming  soon and you need to know why it matters and what is likely to take place.

We’ll be talking about these facts, issues and ways of reporting on the state’s political redistricting at a session here at our offices at 218 S.Wabash,7th floor, Chicago. We’ll meet from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Wednesday, May 25th.

The Citizen Advocacy Center will be providing the briefing along with information that you’ll need to advance your reporting.  There is also a travel reimbursement for this free training session, which is sponsored by the McCormick Foundation.

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