Black and Latino news media gains, reports say

The black news media that developed new sections and coverage have boosted their circulation.

So, too, the online gap between blacks and others is shrinking, encouraging news for black publishers who are increasingly expanding online and into electronic tablets.

Online Use Among African-Americans

Other key changes include:

1. African Americans are more likely than others to create their own web content.

2. African Americans use social or professional online networking more than whites.

3. One out of four black surveyed said they use Twitter, a much higher rate than for whites or Latinos.

These developments were included in the report on the nation’s black media which came from the State of the News Media 2011 put out by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism

All the news, however, is not so upbeat for the black news media. But consider the message. The news media that adjusts and that finds ways to connect better than ever with its audience does better and probably will do even better down the road.

Embrace technology and news media but don’t forget your strength. You are the voice of the community and as long as folks feel the need to turn to you because you are them and you help them understand what’s happening—as long as you cling to those truths, you’ll be around for a while.

Likewise, here’s more proof about the growing awareness of the strength of the Latino audience. My concern is that the drive to capture Latinos’ attention comes with a drive to provide news that the community needs. Here’s the story from Variety.

Fox, Comcast add ethnic outlets

Media players zero in on niche programming

On the heels of U.S. Census reports underscoring the growing diversity of the American viewing public, major media players are starting to zero in on the potential in programming to ethnic niches.

Hernan LopezLopez

On the heels of U.S. Census reports underscoring the growing diversity of the American viewing public, major media players are starting to zero in on the potential in programming to ethnic niches.Fox on Monday announced the formation of Fox Hispanic Media, a unit to house cablers targeting bilingual Latino viewers. Also Monday, Comcast cemented a specific timetable for launching the first three minority-owned channels that the cable giant committed to as part of securing federal approval for its merger with NBCUniversal.

And Bounce TV, an Atlanta-based startup digital channel whose backers include Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III, unveiled a raft of program licensing deals, including pacts with NBCU and Sony Pictures TV, in preparation for the fall bow of its network targeting African-American auds in the 25-54 demo.

Fox’s push to harness the potential of the expanding Hispanic demo is spearheaded by Fox Intl. Channels prexy Hernan Lopez, a rising star at News Corp. Based in L.A., Fox Hispanic Media, a division of Fox Intl. Channels and Fox Global Networks, will comprise three Spanish-lingo cable outlets: sports channel Fox Deportes, femme lifestyle channel Utilisima and the family-friendly Nat Geo Mundo. The last channel is set to bow in July and willfeature original Spanish-lingo unscripted programming on nature, culture and historical topics, in keeping with the Nat Geo brand.

Fox Hispanic Media execs will handle ad sales for the three channels — the newly minted division will even hold its own upfront event on May 17 at the New York Public Library. The move reflects a shift in the mindset within News Corp. on how to target a growing population that encompasses a wide range of language preferences, ages and viewing habits.

“We felt there was opportunity for our company in targeting a group that’s not only increasing in numbers but also shifting culturally,” Lopez told Variety. “We had in the past targeted male Hispanics with Fox Deportes, and we reach English-dominant viewers with programming on Fox and our other networks. But we have not until now created a collection of cable channels that mine the increasingly bicultural new Latino demographic.”


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