Speaking out for the good community – We Are Not Alone

We were talking about speaking up, speaking out, speaking about what you think is right when the crowd might not agree.
We – me and group of high schoolers, most of them African-American, one Latina – were kicking around this and other ideas that fit together.
One girl said it isn’t so easy to speak out if you are the only one and the others agreed. You need to have people back you up and that isn’t so easy, they said.
Then another girl said it is hard too to say something that makes you seem too soft or too goody two-shoes or just too opposite what everyone else thinks.
And I said there are many who say and do good things, and this is true especially in the black community where many go out of their way to help, to mentor, to volunteer, to be on hand, to do what’s best to deal with problems that sometimes result in violence and often result in just more problems.
But this one girl didn’t think so, didn’t think the community would really get together to do the right kinds of things, didn’t see where standing together for the good was a fact of life.
And I said no, I didn’t agree and that reminded me, once again, of why we need to keep telling the stories of the unsung heroes and all of the people who do good work to overcome problems in the black and Latino communities and we really need to keep reminding each other that We Are Not Alone. If you haven’t backed our campaign with stories or editorials, please do so.

And if you haven’t supported our effort on our facebook page, We Are Not Alone – No Estamos Solos, please do.

If you are wondering what kind of stories we’re talking about, check out the facebook page, and consider this series that began this week on NPR. It works so well because it puts the issue of youth and violence into context, because it has humanity and because it tells us about programs that work. We are not demoralized, faced with more stereotypes or given the wrong notion of what’s happening. The series runs this week on NPR

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