Creating hope – our We Are Not Alone campaign

Dear Dost,

Were you ever stopped short by words you hear on the radio? The program goes on, but in your head the words keep banging around and that’s all you hear.

So, I was listening to the wonderful series that NPR did last week on youth and crime in Chicago. The last program was on Saturday. Cheryl Corley did a magnificent job putting it together. Go to NPR and then morning edition and click on last week’s and you’ll find the programs.

One of the youngsters was talking. He was saying that he had no hopes for his future and that he didn’t see anything getting better. No. It’s just a negative world.

So, I turned to the radio and said, no. That’s not true and that’s not the way things should be whether folks believe them or not. And that’s why we started the We Are Not Alone – No Estamos Solos campaign. We wanted to remind people that there are many in the black and Latino communities who are not super people but who are incredible heroes.

That these people are doing all they can to make lives far better; that because of them and a heap of organizations there is good reason to have hope for the future if you live in Austin or Pilsen or Engelwood and that the problems some folks face are definitely not widespread across the black and Latino communities.

And that’s why we began the We Are Not Alone – No Estamos Solos  project because a number of people do not want to be stereotyped, do not want to be labelled as quitters and do not want to see things as they are and, indeed, do want to make a difference.

But we have a problem. We need support. When people hear about our project, they agree that it is a good idea. But not enough people hear about it and not enough go to our facebook page – We Are Not Alone – to spread the word. So could you do so and could you please pass the word along.

And oh yeah, do you think this will work the way we hope it will?