A blogging conference you might want to attend

I need to confess. I like blogs. I like them too much. This is why I’m intrigued by the Blogging While Brown conference July 8-9 in Los Angles and why I think if you are black or Latino and blogging is in your heart or you want it to be, you should look into this.

But let me get back to my confession. I like blogs because they are digital doorways to places we may never get to visit. Places of the heart or the mind or just places we can’t get to.

I like blogs that are personal or brilliant or just plain different. I like blogs that tell me how somebody lives their life and then that suddenly opens the way to an avalanche of others wanting to hear and to tell and wanting to share the same story.

I like blogs that show me pictures and show me how words and pictures can sing or lift me up or put in a place where I’ve never been before.

With the institution formerly known as the mainstream news media now reduced to a trickle, we need blogs that offer insights or just sights that make life important, exciting, critical, or simply grounded in what’s doing here in Chicago and everywhere as well.

Tell me about what it is was like to drive the bus today or to work the night shift in the emergency room or call center or at the warehouse. Tell me about where you came from and how that shapes your life here and why that matters. Tell me why you laugh, cry, stare, wonder, shout or sit in silence. Tell me what Bronzeville or Devon Ave. or Pilsen means to you.

Tell me about the world that we know is there but we don’t get to hear.

I have had a heap of blogs. I blog in English and Arabic (stevebey.wordpress.com) and in celebration of work and workers (workinginthesetimes.org). I blog here too and I hope you’ll blog as well or pass the word on and maybe you’ll tell me about a blog that captures a little of Chicago’s ethnic wealth.

Here’s the link to the Blogging While Brown gathering and as you’ll see there’s a competition for who will present and it is closes by Dec. 30. So move fast if you have something to show. But meanwhile, we here do blogging workshops at the workshop and as I said, I’m stuck on blogging.



at last year's blogging confab in Washington, D.C.


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