We are not alone – No Estamos Solos

We are overwhelmed by the violence stories. They offer no hope. They promise no better tomorrow. They weigh on you. They turn lives into stereotypes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

The Back of the Yards council is calling on the black and Latino news media to take part in a month long effort to tell how the two communities are fighting back.

How they are standing up. How they want to learn from each other. How they running programs to make life better in their communities.

The project is called: We are not alone – No Estamos Solos.

It will take place during the month of November, and they can use help. They need the support of the black and Latino media. They need people to write stories and do interviews and search out the agencies that their stories told. Blogger, students, agencies. Everyone’s help is welcome.

So, if you want to help and want to make a difference, please contact me, Steve Franklin, steve@chicagoistheworld.org or 312 369 7782


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