Voices of Resistance, voice with soul: An Interview with Shilpa Bavikatte

Sometimes an artist challenges the perception of what it means to be a Jazz artist, especially when you are South Asian and you grew up in Iowa. To Shilpa Bavikatte, she is not an unexpected instrument of soul–she embraces it, she expresses it naturally and understands the love of music can be a deep well that can be tapped by any being.  But Shilpa, she’s got a knack for it more then most people. She joined us on our August 31st program on WHPK 88.5 to talk about the work she has been doing with the South Asian Progressive Action Collective’s upcoming annual event Voices of Resistance Nine: Fair and Lovely.

She describes how the collective reclaims the idea and the name of the product Fair & Lovely (popular for skin whitening within South Asia) to define the beauty that is the diverse and empowered cultural expression of artists within their community.

Listen in on the interview and make sure you check out Voices of Resistance Nine: Fair & Lovely this coming month.


“Autumn Leaves”


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