"We are all immigrants. This is a city friendly to immigrants."

Up on the very crowded stage the mayor was shouting the kind of things that made the overflow crowd howl with joy.

He talked about how Chicago was made by immigrants, how immigrants are welcomed to Chicago and how Chicago needs immigrants.

Que cierto!

For a room packed one night this week with Latino politicos and community activists and friends of Extra newspaper, the mayor’s words and presence were a nice tribute to a newspaper celebrating its 30 year history and to a news media that continues to grow as Chicago’s Latinos claim their place in the sun. http://www.extranews.net/

If you wanted a reminder just how far the Latino meeting has come, you needed to sit in on the recent meeting here of the National Association of Hispanic Publications. Zeke Montes of El Imparcial is the group’s new president.

The message was that nationally Latinos are a fast growing market for advertisers, that Latinos respond very well to online advertising and that the publications which engage their audiences in high quality content and which listen to their audiences will prosper and survive. An important message.

And while we are talking about immigrants, do yourself a favor and click on this link to listen to immigrants talking about their lives here and there. This is from our collaboration with Medill professor Jack Doppelt, an effort funded by the Chicago Community Trust. http://www.immigrantconnect.org/?p=7516.

Northwestern University students have panned out this summer at festivals and parks and gathered the voices of Chicago’s immigrants. Listen to the audio files that they brought back.

Richie was right.

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